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Since sump pumps aren't an everyday purchase, most people are unaware of the right features and benefits to look for in a sump pump system and who the best people are to install it.

We're changing that by making the process simple and easy.

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At The Sump Pump Company, we walk you through the process from start to finish. We explain the features and benefits of the various sump pump systems, provide an easy way to have your questions answered, and even allow you to order a new pump system online at a discounted price. When our technician comes to your home he will make sure you've chosen the right system, quickly and cleanly install it, and describe how to operate and maintain it. Then, we back you up with our excellent, no-hassle warranty.

That way you're better informed and can be comfortable knowing you've got the best sump pump system for your home.

And that's our goal - to help you protect your home and valuables and save you the headache of a messy cleanup and potentially costly, time consuming remodel.


*All Sump Systems/Prices are based on Availability and Supplies for Routine Swap-Outs Only. Additional Extra Parts and Labor are Extra.

Purchases online that our field technician determines are not the right fit, can be changed to a different product or service and credit or charge your account on the spot.

If unsure about ordering additional items, we can always add items during the technician service visit.

If you change your mind and decide not to have the pump installed during our visit, purchase price will be credited back to you. The only charge incured is the service fee.

Ejector Pumps

A sewage ejector pump, also called a pump-up ejector system, is used when a bathroom, laundry room or any other type of plumbing fixture is located below the level of the main sewer or septic line flowing from the house. ... Most commonly, ejector pumps are used in homes with basement bathrooms or laundry rooms.

There is a vast array of ejector pumps available on the market, and choosing one particular model can be confusing. Based on our long experience with a wide variety of pumps, we select and install products that provide the best combination of quality, reliability and value. Our Featured Sump=Pump brand is Ion Technologies. Ion Technologies is a local midwest company, with over 60 Years of Pumping & Engineering Experience. Like us, they are committed to providing the best quality pumps and long term value, plus they stand behind their products.

We install three lines of ION Technologies primary sump pumps; our best seller is the mid-range "X-Onei" 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump. X-Onei We also have a more budget-minded line, the "WC33i", and for extra toughness and capacity, the "X-Onei" X-ONEi 1/2 HP Submersible All In One Pump.

X-ONEi 1/2 HP Submersible All In One Pump - ION Technologies - Plumber Approved !
  • Sewage ejector - Basement sump- Septic Tank Effluent.
  • Oil-filled motor with automatic reset thermal overload protection.
  • Carbon ceramic mechanical seal.
  • Upper and lower single-row ball-bearing construction
  • Piggy back Ion digital level control switch has no moving parts (standard).
  • Ion Digital Level Control Switch Solid state sensing technology with no moving parts to wear or fail.
  • ...also included are these great features:
    • Up to 80 GPM.
    • Cast iron and engineered thermoplastic
    • Three year warranty.
  • X-ONEi PDF Brochure.
To purchase the X-ONEi 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump, go to our purchase online page to take advantage of our internet discount.

Zoeller - Rugged & Durable. Zoeller_260
  • Zoeller_260.5 HP - Basement Sump - Dewatering.
  • Up to 6o GPM. Corrosion-resistant, powder coated epoxy finish.
  • Completely submersible - Watertight and dust-tight
  • Float-operated, 2-pole mechanical switch.
  • Durable cast construction, ASTM Class 25 cast iron switch case and pump housing Cast iron base on model 267 Engineered plastic base on model 266
  • Non-clogging vortex impeller design. Engineered plastic impeller with metal inserts (1 Ph). Model 267 available with cast iron impeller (standard on 3 Ph models).
  • Not affected by materials normally found in drainage and sewage pumps
  • Stainless steel screws, bolts, handle, guard and arm and seal assembly
  • Suitable for both permanent and temporary installations.
    • 3-year residential warranty.
  • Zoeller_260 PDF Technical Brochure.
To purchase a Zoeller_260 Sump Pump, go to our purchase online page to take advantage of our internet discount.