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Since sump pumps aren't an everyday purchase, most people are unaware of the right features and benefits to look for in a sump pump system and who the best people are to install it.

We're changing that by making the process simple and easy.

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At The Sump Pump Company, we walk you through the process from start to finish. We explain the features and benefits of the various sump pump systems, provide an easy way to have your questions answered, and even allow you to order a new pump system online at a discounted price. When our technician comes to your home he will make sure you've chosen the right system, quickly and cleanly install it, and describe how to operate and maintain it. Then, we back you up with our excellent, no-hassle warranty.

That way you're better informed and can be comfortable knowing you've got the best sump pump system for your home.

And that's our goal - to help you protect your home and valuables and save you the headache of a messy cleanup and potentially costly, time consuming remodel.


*All Sump Systems/Prices are based on Availability and Supplies for Routine Swap-Outs Only. Additional Extra Parts and Labor are Extra.

Purchases online that our field technician determines are not the right fit, can be changed to a different product or service and credit or charge your account on the spot.

If unsure about ordering additional items, we can always add items during the technician service visit.

If you change your mind and decide not to have the pump installed during our visit, purchase price will be credited back to you. The only charge incured is the service fee.

Smart Switches and Pump Controllers

One of the most common failures of a sump pump system is a SWITCH failure. Too often, we find that a pump would have worked fine, but the switch never activated it. Just as bad is a switch that gets stuck ON, causing the pump to run dry and burn out. Switches are important enough that we felt they deserved their very own section!

All of our pumps (primary and backup) come standard with dual float switches, so if one float fails, the second one automatically takes over - we think that's absolutely critical protection. However, our BEST pump switches do a lot more than just turn the pump on & off: they MONITOR the system and ALARM when there is a problem. They even exercise the pump automatically, to help it last longer!

We use PHCC Pro Series switches and, state-of-the-art pump controls from Ion Technologies in our experience theses companies provide the best combination of reliability and innovative features. These manufacturers are committed to constantly improving their products, so they offer the best protection possible for your home/business and what you own.

The Deluxe Controller & Dual Float Switch (standard with S3, S5 & Weil primary pumps) is our most popular switch, and the one we recommend for most installations. Our owner Dave uses a DFC2 for his primary pump, and he sleeps well at night knowing he's protected. In fact, Dave likes it so much, we automatically upgrade the factory-supplied switch on every C33 Combo system to the DFC2!

The Ion Endeavor Ion Endeavor Smart Controller and Sensors is a First of a kind 115 or 230 volt standard plug in receptacle, dual pump run and alternating controller for residential and commercial applications.. Track critical information through the panel based display, including switch failure; pump amp draw, water level and more

The combination of an Ion Technologies pump and a battery backup system provides the most reliable means of keeping water out of the basement and threats of stormwaters. Ion Genesis Smart PumpWe feel that these switches and controllers are among the most reliable on the market, innovative controllers provide extra peace of mind because you know your pump system is being monitored and exercised constantly.

Ion Genesis Smart Pump Controller and Sensors
  • The Ion Genesis® is a first of a kind digital pump controller that is designed to operate one or two pumps.
  • First of its kind solid-state sensing technology with no moving parts.
  • Multipoint sealing mechanism that supersedes single surface seals.
  • Three year warranty.

Ion Digital Level Control Switch
    Ion Take Control
  • Rated for use in both sump & sewage pump applications.
  • Will work with any 115 volt pump up to 15 amps.
  • Solid state sensing technology with no moving parts to wear or fail.
  • Longer pumping differential means it will pump more water less frequently.
  • 10 and 20 foot cord options are available.
  • Take Control - Digital Level Control Switch.
  • Three year warranty.

SJE Vertical Master SJE Rhombus VerticalMaster
  • Mechanically-Activated Pump Switch for Limited Space Applications.
  • The SJE VerticalMaster® pump switch is designed to directly control pumps up to 1/2 HP.
  • Non-potable water and sewage applications with limited space.
  • Works extremly well in small sump chambers, effluent applications, and laundry trays, as well as in large tanks.
  • Pump switch is not sensitive to turbulence and is available for pump down applications only.
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty.
Only 3 Left: DFC2 Dual-Float Switch with Deluxe Controller
  • Dual floats & switches for extra reliability.
  • Cage around floats prevents debris or pump wires from interfering with float movement.
  • Mounts to discharge pipe, allowing for adjustable turn-on point.
  • Adjustable to optimize pump run time to individual sump basin.
  • Exercises pump regularly to verify that it functions; this also extends pump life.
  • Alarms if switch has been activated for more than 10 minutes (indicating possible problem with pump, switch or discharge piping).
  • Alarms if power fails (due to outage, blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker or unplugged cord).
  • Battery backup for controller, allows it to sound alarm even when power fails.
  • Interfaces to home security system or auto-dialer, ensuring you get the alarm.
  • Standard on S3, S5 & Weil pumps.

Endeavor Smart Controller Endeavor Smarter Controller and Sensor
  • First of its kind solid-state sensing technology with no moving parts.
  • Multipoint sealing mechanism that supersedes single surface seals.
  • Simultaneously operates two (2) single-phase plug in pumps together when required.
  • Microprocessor based process controls continually monitor system.
  • Automatic pump alternation based on duty cycle and/or pump availability.
  • Metropolitan’s variety of optional com-devices allow many communications possibilities:
  • Ethernet Module: system status via web page and Email or text message alerts.
  • Interfaces to home security system.
  • 3 Year Warranty